What is a Dental Discount Plan?

Altas Dental Discount Plan provides an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to dental insurance. Plan members have access to a list of participating dentists that have agreed to provide their services at discounted fees. Altas Dental Discount Plans work like a club membership; you pay an annual fee and receive savings on dental services throughout the course of your membership.

Do I have to fill out an application or have a physical exam prior to getting this plan?

There are no paperwork hassles, claims to file, or pre-existing condition restrictions.

Will I have any deductibles or waiting periods on any of the procedures? What is the yearly maximum?

There are no deductibles whatsoever, no waiting periods on any procedures and no yearly maximums. So, if you may need an expensive dental treatment, and you are concerned about the cost and whether or not you may go over your yearly amount-you have no conditions or limits that will prevent you from getting any procedure.

I am in need of a bridge and two implants. And it’s too expensive for me. My dentist that I have been going to for years is on your list of providers. What do I need to tell him or what documentation do I need to bring him so I can start saving?

All you need to do is to bring your membership card to your dentist. You can print it out from the website.

Altas Discount Dental Plan Includes:

• No annual limits – plan members enjoy discounts on most dental care services all year long

• Activated within 15 minutes.

• No tiresome paperwork hassles – plan members simply present their membership card at a participating dentist office for discounts on their dental services

• No health restrictions – there is no need to wait for comprehensive dental treatment plans

• Select plans include discounts on dental specialties, including cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and implant related services.

• Consumers pay affordable membership fees for access to a network of dentists offering discounts on dental procedures.

• Available directly to individuals, families, businesses and groups.

Dental Insurance Characteristics Include:

• Limitations, deductibles and annual maximums

• Waiting periods for major dental procedures

• Tedious and time-consuming written claims process

• Limitations/exclusions on pre-existing conditions

• Certain dental specialties, such as cosmetic dentistry, are rarely covered

• Consumers pay expensive monthly premiums for defined coverage

• Typically inaccessible to individuals and families unless provided by their employer

Even if you already have dental insurance, the discounts offered by our discount dental plans may be used along with your dental insurance for even more savings on your dental care. Please consult with a participating dentist or dental care specialist before beginning treatment.

What is the difference between the Basic, Comprehensive and Prime Plans? What if I choose the Basic Plan and will need to switch to another plan?

Why should I choose your plan vs other plans? What makes your plan so special?

First of all, our plan was designed specifically in mind with providing a wide range of dental procedures to the prospective patients, while allowing them to remain with the same dentist that they have been using previously. In the event that the patient may wish to switch the dentist and go to another dental office, they can do that too (as long as their dentist is listed as a participating provider).

Second of all, many Americans are facing higher healthcare premiums starting January 2017. Many of them will pay 25-30% more in 2017 than now in 2016. We have researched this subject throughout and people that will face ever increasing medical cost will forgo their dental treatment if faced with waiting periods of 12 months for extraction or a root canal.

Nobody should be forced purchase a faulty product, such as a dental plan that will cost you around $300-$450 per year, you will have at least 40-50% copays for major procedures (crowns, bridges, implants, etc.) will have a yearly deductible of $50-$75 per person and you can’t have a broken crown replaced on your front tooth because the waiting period will end 12 months from now. Insurance companies are forcing you to have your dental insurance for at least 2 years. They need to make sure that their company will make money off of you. In the end it’s you that will overpay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for treatment.

Third, how many times have you heard “ this procedure is not covered by your insurance”? Many patients and dentists are frustrated with the insurance companies. Many times insurance company will state” approval is not a guarantee of a payment”. So, the patient can still be on the hook for unplanned out of pocket expense. The dentists are frustrated because they know that the patient may end up ruining what is left of their teeth or may ruin the previously started dental wok, which they cannot complete now due to insurance’s clause.

You as a patient have an option of choosing your own plan that will give you the quality treatment. You can have Altas Dental Discount Plan as a back up to your existing dental insurance. Or if you have no dental insurance at all, and your teeth are fine. But you may need some dental work in few months-it will cost you $89/year for the Basic Plan, $99 for Comprehensive, and $109 for Prime if you may need many surgical procedures such as sinus lifting, major bone grafting, or implant retained dentures.

I have medical and dental insurance from the state of PA. I was told that since I am over 21, I can’t get many things done to my teeth. I hate the way my teeth look and I am looking for a new job. I don’t want my teeth to affect my job prospect. I want to purchase plan but I’m afraid that my state benefits will be cut before I will get the new job. What can I do?

Since this plan is not an insurance, it will not affect your benefits from the state in any negative way.